About Our IT Services

Our IT consulting operations are mainly geared toward finance and accounting system projects, particularly with respect to Excel automation, databases, web apps and desktop apps within the last 15 years. We work with our clients on many types of server and database technologies utilizing SQL and its variants such as MySQL paired with custom-built applications to support business processes. At the same time we provide clients with high-level talent to build, manage, and maintain their IT assets, including databases and apps, on and off the cloud.

Our Service Portfolio

app coding and development at Core Logic Consulting

Our Delivery Platforms

delivery platforms used at Core Logic Consulting
  • Azure cloud-based solutions
  • Custom desktop apps for business
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • ASP.Net Applications (C# and VB)
  • Website Operations and SEO
  • Custom-built MS Office solutions (using Excel, Access, etc.)
  • SQL Server and MySQL (cloud or on-premises)

Our Design Philosophy

Just as we had noted in past posts in the last few years, IT solutions are now often needed at a department or business unit level, for whom a custom tailored application needs to be developed and maintained to automate certain business processes. We achieve that by building applications deployed on cost-efficient platforms such as .Net (Web Apps, Web Forms, MVC, etc.), MS Access, Excel, SQL Server, C# and Visual Basic in creative ways that deliver big productivity boosts for clients. At the same time, we are taking the time to ensure that the solutions we build are based on well-documented standards that are secure as well as compliant with the operational policies of our clients.

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