About Our IT Consulting Firm

IT Tech Company with Finance Skills

Our portfolio of IT consulting services includes application development, database apps, managed websites, SEO, and accounting system support services for a diverse mix of businesses in New Jersey and surrounding areas. What makes us different from other IT consulting providers is that we not only know technology well, we also have experience with accounting operations and corporate finance functions. And we provide service using sensible and reasonably-priced information technology solutions that enable businesses (our customers) to become more productive and profitable.

In a way, we can be thought of as an external IT and financial systems department to our clients which reduces the cost and complexity of managing internal IT resources and personnel. We are able to achieve this by utilizing strong IT expertise paired with strategic managerial vision while keeping overhead costs under control.

digital transformation delivered by Core Logic Consulting

Quality Service and Technology Is Top Priority

What makes our IT consulting practice unique is that we give each customer more than just the level of personal attention that every project requires - we care about the outcome just as much as our clients do. Our methodologies are customer-centric and we always strive to meet or exceed expectations by working together with our customers to ensure that the end result is a positive outcome. After all, investment in IT is all about getting business done efficiently without cutting corners, and we always keep that in mind when working with our customers.

Core Competencies

Core Logic Consulting delivers cloud-driven technology solutions

Our competetencies include the following:

  • Business Acumen - we know that your business requirements come first!
  • Windows Desktops - Windows 10, Windows 11, Enterprise
  • Windows Servers - Windows Server 2016, 2018, IIS, etc.
  • AI Advisory Services - OpenAI, Azure AI, Copilot, Smartly, etc.
  • Managed Websites - Content, SEO, Web Apps, e-Commerce
  • Databases - SQL Server, MySQL, Access, Oracle & others
  • Software Apps - we build apps using established SDLC principles
  • Programming Languages - C#, .Net, PHP, VB, VBA, Javascript
  • Web Frameworks - Bootstrap, Web APIs, HTML 5, CSS
  • Networking - Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Fiber, LAN, WLAN
  • Cloud Services - Azure, AWS, and IoT
  • Finance and Accounting Skills - we are more than just IT guys!

Who We Work With

We work with many firms in different industries, and they range from small firms to large Fortune 500 companies.

For a partial listing of our client base, click here: Client List »

If you would like to learn more about how our technology services can work for you, contact us today!

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