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Let Us Manage Your Online Presence on the Web!

Let us be your full-stack website manager and operator so that you can focus on running your business without worry.

Here is a quick overview of what we can do for you and why it is a valuable service that can help you grow your business:

What is a managed website and why you need one

Simple - by letting us handle your website you can focus on running your business!

In short, a managed website means that we assume ALL the following responsibilities for operating your website:

For more details on each of these aspects of our managed website service, read on below:

Hosting your website on our servers - why we do this

Many websites are hosted on systems with content management features that block access to the internal components of the website's design. This prevents us from fully implementing organic white-hat SEO for a website, because doing so requires complete access to the inner elements that make up a website. Many content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress are configured in a way that interferes with SEO work, and that is by design. The idea behind such content management systems is to simplify website design for nontechnical people, and for those audiences it makes sense to limit what they can do to the architecture of the website but it can also limit the extent to which SEO can be done on such systems. Thus we find that the best way we can help clients with SEO for their websites is to manage the entire infrastructure running the website, which gives us full control for fine-tuning visibility campaigns for your business.

Another reason for hosting your website on our servers is that it allows us to do custom programming work to give you new features and functionality that helps you promote and manage your business more effectively. For example we may add functionality for you to sell products online or to let users enter information that is stored in a database behind the website. The possibilities here are endless when we are able to update code on your website without restrictions. So if you have an idea for your website, we can make it happen!

Content updates, news and announcements - helping your outreach

Whenever you have something new or important to share with your audience, we will post that to your website and also to any external social media platforms that you have granted permission for us to update on your behalf (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, etc.)

The objective here is not only to help you keep your audience updated and engaged, but it also goes hand-in-hand with the SEO work we do as described below!

Email newsletters and other functionality - making your campaigns work

We use cloud services such as AWS, Sendgrid, and Azure to power customized email campaigns from your website to your audience while adhering to industry-standard best practices for bulk emails to ensure highest possible deliverability. Whether you just have a few people on your mailing list or many thousands of them, we have tiered service levels available to match your normal volume of emails to your audience each week or month. And of course, your email list members always have the opportunity to opt out or provide feedback or to give you ratings or reviews with Google and others to help you build your brand.

We also do in-house custom programming for websites, so if you need to create an online survey, for example, we can design the survey to match your exact specifications and audience engagement expectations. This also enables us to create database tables to store the results of the survey or feature that we add to your website so you can track the effectiveness and outreach of your market reach efforts. Furthermore, we can provide you with custom-tailored analysis tools and dashboards to help you plan ahead for your next campaign or marketing blitz.

In short, we have the technology to make your email campaigns and marketing outreach efforts a reality!

SEO and Visibility Campaigns - we get you noticed!

Our many years of SEO skills and reach are maximized because we have full control of the servers where we host your website, enabling us to activate SEO-optimized features not available on typical web hosting plans. In addition, we use AI and reporting tools such as PowerBI and Tableau to compile recurring reports (weekly or monthly) to you documenting the results of our SEO campaigns as well as measuring your website to compare it to your competition to give you an edge. After all, your website is often the first place people turn to when they want to learn more about your business and products or services!

Monitoring and data security - protecting your investment

Our web servers are backed up daily and we use automated scanning technology to detect and prevent unauthorized changes and intrusions to your SSL-secured web assets. You have the option to receive periodic reports from us documenting these so that you know how your website is doing in terms of security. We also provide instant email and text notifications to inform you of active incidents or intrusion attempts as they occur. Our server management team also receives alerts 24 hours a day every day.

The same applies to our databases behind your website - daily and hourly backups are available, along with industry standard encryption of the data at rest. Direct access to databases is restricted only to people whom you authorize to do so, and we also use firewall rules to shield databases from access by third parties. In short, your data is safe with us!

Ad hoc updates - when you need something in a hurry

Do you have a news announcement to make on your website? No problem! As soon as you let us know you need something posted online, we will take care of it for you. The same goes for any other kind of content, videos, blog posts, etc.

The bottom line is, you can leave the micromanagement of your website to us! With our team on your side, you can concentrate on executing your vision for success without worries.

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