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Watch for new press releases to be published about our growing company in 2020!

Latest Press Releases by Core Logic Consulting

  • COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
    Status Update - Coronavirus Pandemic Related Changes

    Please be advised that due to the ongoing pandemic and the related emergency procedures and regulations in effect as of March 21, 2020, our business will continue operations as follows:

    1. Our consultants will ONLY work via REMOTE ACCESS or OFFSITE AWAY from ALL of our clients' sites.
    2. We will NOT have any offices open to members of the public or clients, and we will NOT permit consultants to visit any clients or client sites in person.
    3. ALL work with clients will ONLY be conducted via telephone, email, SMS, videoconference, or the Internet (VPN, SSH, etc.).
    4. If any tech gear is delivered to clients it will be routed via UPS or FEDEX to ensure contactless operations.
    5. Our consultants are required to abide by all social distancing and sanitation procedures as announced by local, state, and federal health authorities.
    6. Our consultant availability may be adjusted according to fluctuations in demand, and every effort will be made to honor existing agreements subject to force majeure or governmental restrictions.
    7. Given the above-listed procedures, which shall remain in effect and enforced until further notice, we are OPEN for business.
    8. Last but not least, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and please take care and stay in good health!

More updates to be posted soon!

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