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We have posted some of our favorite links here, and we hope you will find them helpful!

Our Recommended Links

If you are looking to learn about computers or perhaps you want to check out new software, books, or topics about computers, we've handpicked some of the more interesting sites on the web.  Many more exist, and we can't possibly have them all here.  However, you can use the Google search tool at the bottom of this page to find more material, or go to the Curlie directory website to search the web. That site is a new successor to the old website which is no longer active!

We welcome suggestions for other links as well, so if you've got something, let us know!  Send your suggestions to us and we'll give you an e-coupon for 5% off any future order you place with us!

CNET.COM is a great site for reading product reviews before you decide on what to buy.  They cover items in many categories, such as electronics, software, computer hardware, and games.  Being informed is your best asset!

WEATHER.COM - Yeah, this is not a computer related site, but everyone at Core Logic Consulting is a weather buff, so we absolutely had to mention it here!

South Beach at Long Branch - This is not a tech related site either, but one of our clients is working on a fabulous luxury condominium project in Long Branch, NJ, and the design of the building is truly magnificent, and best of all it will be on the oceanfront! We love ocean views so this is an exciting real estate project that we are following with keen interest.

STACKOVERFLOW.COM - This site is a great community-driven resource for those who build software and apps. We use them often as a reference right here at CLC!

SYMANTEC.COM - These guys are among the best in the IT security business.  We know this from our own experience, and we are happy to mention them without any compensation!  We simply feel that their products work well and are worth a look for anyone who needs software in the security category.

ANYBODY BUT ME by Carolyn Craig - This is a wonderful book that every young adult and older should read in order to learn that life is not all about looks and bling bling!  It's a novel about two best friends who experience joy and tragedy that forces the reader to contemplate the deeper meaning of love and why people hurt each other so often.  Not a computer related website by any means, but we computer geeks have a gentle side too!!  :)

Clark Davis Associates - a Parsippany staffing agency with jobs in NJ, NY, and PA - this company has been in business for nearly 35 years and they are very good at what they do. They have placed thousands of people in jobs offered by their clients. Job categories they specialize in: accounting, finance, engineering, IT, HR, biotech and pharmaceutical. Please take a look if you or someone you know is looking for a new job!

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