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About The Products That We Sell

While Core Logic Consulting LLC is classified as an IT consulting firm, we deliver complete IT solutions to our clients so there is often a need to incorporate hardware and software into the complete package.  For example, a client may ask us to deliver and install a new server, in which case an operating system such as Windows Server 2016 is needed, as well as other software like antivirus, cloud service apps, productivity apps, and so on, besides the actual hardware itself.  Or we may deploy a cloud server on Azure with just the right amount of services and functionality you need for effective functionality at a manageable cost. No matter which platform you choose, we always research all of the available options and before we commit on the sourcing side, we make sure you know what is being ordered and how it will benefit the project we are working on for you.

The bottom line is that we always buy all of our services, software, and hardware only from reputable vendors with a quick delivery timeframe and dependable service, combined with competitive prices so your project stays within budget!

Some of the technology brands whose products we sell or deploy for our clients include the following:

  • Microsoft (Azure cloud, Virtual Servers, Office 365, SQL Server, etc.)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Intuit (Quickbooks, tax apps, etc.)
  • Symantec (Antivirus and security)
  • Dell (servers/desktops/laptops/tablets/NAS)
  • Apple desktops and tablets
  • Intel next-gen computing devices
  • Routers, firewalls and network appliances (Netgear, Cisco, Ubiquiti, etc.)
  • HP (servers/desktops/laptops)
  • Compaq (servers/desktops/laptops)
  • Lenovo (all types)
  • and many more...!


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