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We have been expanding our IT consulting operations from the systems and IT infrastructure side toward the software side, particularly with respect to databases and applications in the last couple of years.  In 2017 we are continuing on that same path as we did in 2016, and we are actively pursuing work with clients on server and database technologies utilizing SQL and its variants such as MySQL, paired with custom-built applications to support business processes.  At the same time we still see that clients need high-level talent in products that leverage big data but now there is a need to apply a more targeted focus on dealing with specific sub-datasets within that realm, which bodes well for our targeted application solutions.

As we had noted last year, IT solutions are commonly needed at a department or business unit, for whom a custom tailored program or application needs to be developed to automate certain business processes.  We are keeping our focus on building applications using cost-efficient platforms such as Dot Net (.Net), MS Access, SQL Server, and Visual Basic in creative ways that deliver big performance boosts for clients.  At the same time, we are taking the time to ensure that the solutions we build are based on clearly documented standards that are compliant with the IT policies of our clients, as it is important to maintain consistency throughout enterprise IT environments.

Service Catalog

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a range of services to our clients, all at competitive prices and tailored to our clients' needs.  Here are a few examples of the services we provide:

Database and Web Applications
We build, deploy, and configure fully customized databases for both web-based and desktop applications.  Our strength is in MySQL and SQL Server databases coupled with ASP.Net technologies for web-based platforms, and for the Windows desktop we develop complete GUI menu-driven applications using Visual Studio 2015, or MS Access 2013 with Visual Basic (VBA), any of which can be linked to enterprise-class SQL Server databases, or even Oracle databases and other data warehouses.  When it comes to our advanced MS Access database capabilities, the sky is the limit!

Rates start at $85/hour (based on project complexity)


Server and Desktop PC Installations
If you need to update or purchase new computers, we will help you choose your system based on your specific needs and budget.  You only get the systems you need, without the added bells and whistles that some computer outfits insist on.  We also will consider your future upgrade needs to determine how much performance overhead your new system should have so that you can maximize your dollars spent on the systems. We often provide clients with Dell systems, but we have also installed many other hardware brands such as HP, Compaq, Gateway, IBM (now owned by Lenovo), as well as less known high end brands like Alienware, Falcon, and others.


Server Maintenance
Our core strength in the server domain is on Windows servers, including Windows Server 2008, 2013, and newer versions, however we also work with web servers that run Apache (either on a Linux or a Windows OS) .  Whether you need help with a file server or a web server, we've got you covered!



Website Design
Whether you need a new website, or just updates or modifications to an existing site, we are ready to help!  Our design philosophy is oriented toward functionality and search engine optimization (SEO), which ensures that your site works and that it can be found by your customers and audience.  Once those criteria are met, the next level is to enhance the design with the kind of functionality and eye candy that can really make your business stand out.  Whether your needs are basic, moderate, or complex, we are here to help you get noticed on the Internet!

$ Price negotiated per project




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