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Welcome to our New Jersey IT consulting firm! Today is January 19, 2018, 2:53 pm

Growing Our IT Consulting Practice in 2017

Given the rising need to carefully target IT spending on projects where the best yields are found, we have continued to focus our work on delivering automation solutions for our clients that reduce wasted effort and which remove inconsistencies from business processes that are repeated often. The year 2017 adds to that reality a positive outlook from a financial perspective, helping to boost IT spending in areas where investment is urgently needed.

A good example of this is a project where we helped a client by enhancing a custom database application used to process monthly accounting transactions. The client wanted to reduce the time it took to complete the transaction bookings for hundreds of general ledger accounts from a labor-intensive quarterly process down to a semi-automated monthly task, and then wanted to add further automation to the booking entries themselves to reduce their workload. Work that used to take them weeks to do by six workers can now be done within hours by one person - that is the kind of benefit that we love to deliver to our clients and we are proud to continue doing so! Thus our motto for 2017 is to keep boosting the capabilities of our clients to drive solid growth and profits, that is, to "let us automate IT for you and let us empower you to achieve measurable results of our mutual success!"

New Technologies On The Way

Last year we were busy realigning our business to meet new headwinds faced by the industry in the face of growing digitization needs, with good results, and for 2017 we are continuing to expand our operations into new areas like custom web services and software service (SaaS) projects. As we had noted previously, many businesses did invest some money on IT but with a cautionary stance, but now that the marketplace is seeing positive growth expected for 2017, we expect the same for their IT budgets.

The big difference in how IT plans to spend their technology budgets comes from the ongoing explosion of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT), all of which are mentioned in a Forbes article discussing the tech outlook for 2017. During the past year we had referenced stories reporting that the best IT investment yields are found in automation and analytics oriented IT projects, and the 2017 outlook is really just an extension of that. These technologies are now part of the projects we are working on with our clients, especially as the positive financial outlook is boosting the confidence that businesses have in being able to rely on technology to boost operational efficiencies and profits.

Driving Customer Success

Our goal is to always help our clients achieve success in their business operations. One example of this is the case of a project we worked on for a high tech firm in NJ, where engineers used to prepare made-to-specifications custom control systems for their clients using MS Excel spreadsheet files.  We built a custom menu-driven multi-user MS Access database application for their company which allows their staff to log in and manage orders for their clients which are stored on their enterprise SQL server, and lets them easily create, edit, and record all versions of their customer orders, which they can then export as Excel or PDF files.  This system enables the client to store their entire component inventory in the database and lets them select or customize parts for their customer orders efficiently and accurately, which significantly reduces their work effort without compromising the quality of their customer orders.  This is the kind of IT consulting we truly love to provide to our clients!

Broad IT Consulting Capabilities

  • Our core competencies have grown in SQL database applications for both corporate and web domain environments.
  • We are advanced-level experts in MS Access database applications.
  • We build and maintain databases on various SQL and MySQL servers.
  • We perform hardware and software installations, configuration, and maintenance.
  • We develop applications using VBA, VB.Net, ASP, PHP, Java, and when needed, we can procure IT consultants with the talent to get the job done.
  • Our capabilities are onsite and offsite, in-cloud and off-cloud.
  • Our talents include website design, web app development, and SEO.
  • We support all Windows environments, at both server and workstation levels.
  • We support many types of databases, and can customize or enhance existing database apps to suit your needs.
  • We provide IT resources including consultants and staffers with the right IT knowledge and experience to get the job done!



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